Why do we love the i-ezi?

Compact, light, and packs a punch.  Let’s call i-ezi the thermomix of e-bikes.  Compact and stylish, i-ezi doesn’t compromise power and quality for light, easy to use compact features.  i-ezi folds 3 ways, not two, creating the smallest folded footprint of any ebike and the convenience of rolling like an airport trolley bag. Its size makes it small enough to put in your cupboard or roll straight into your office or lecture theatre. The USB port delivers power for your phone, notebook or tablet and means never being caught short on the run ever again!  Designed for Australian conditions, like the Kevlar tyres for puncture resistance, i-ezi is the most popular Blind Freddy ie-bike and is our firm favourite.

Why should you love the i-ezi?

Students will enjoy the freedom to make quick trips between lectures and tutorials, save on public transport costs and not have to hang around for the next bus, train or ferry.  i-ezi’s USB port gives you extra power to your devices when you need it – no more dead phone! Safe traveling home after a shift at work, i-ezi is small enough to store in your room so your flat mates don’t take off with it!

Office workers have another choice to get to and from work.  i-ezi’s assisted pedaling means you don’t have to sweat and takes any painful hill climbs out of the equation.  Clean green commuting is now available to you and all you have to do is smile as you pass commuters waiting for their bus and say goodbye to traffic jams as you make your stress free way to work.

Train commuters can ride their i-ezi to the train and then on to work, no need to park the car at the station and worry about it getting damaged or stolen. The i-ezi is the only e-bike certified to travel during peak times and can double as a seat. You can charge your device and catch up online while you travel to work.

Caravaners have known about e-bikes for a while, having the freedom to discover the beautiful sites of Australia from the convenience of their campsite.  The i-ezi is the smallest folding e-bike (69x36x65), easy enough to stow in a small space.  Plan out trips knowing you’ll have the assistance to get home when you’re a tired at the end of the day. 

Unit living and having a full-scale bike has its challenges, especially if you need to negotiate stairs. The 18kg i-ezi is compact enough to lift and walk with comfortably.  For those with access to elevators, the roller function allows plenty of room for you as well as others, making for friendlier relations with your neighbours.  A quick trip to the shops, meeting friends for a coffee or just venturing along the many bike paths to enjoy the city, who needs a car when you have an i-ezi.

Unfit or have a few injuries, i-ezi gives you no excuses. Get out there and enjoy the fun of your childhood. Eliminating the pain factor of hills, or assisting you to keep up with fitter riders, i-ezi is the equalizer for those of us who don’t want to be a MAML (middle aged man in lycra) and simply want to remember what it was that we enjoyed when we were kids.